Our Company

Since 1998 in “Dieter Neubauer KG” we are working in planning complete mobile network sites and also construction - and detail drawings, as well as steelwork drawings and network documentation.

Especially in our division “mobile networks” we acquired a great know how during our long existing activities.

Our field of activities in working together with mobile network operators covers the range of:


  • Site suryeys and technical reviews
  • Planning for submission
  • Detail drawings, steelwork drawings, as built drawings.

Together with our competent partner companies and structural engineers we are designing new and innovative products for mobile networks technologies. Also special products to satisfy different needs of mobile network operators are part of our product range.

Our company is not only known because of our innovations, but also as flexible, innovative and reliable partner with in time delivery of all our products in high quality for an affordable price.

Gladly we will support you with our Know-How!